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Complete Customised Solution for

Healthcare Uniforms & Apparels

From Design to Delivery 

Hospital Uniform Manufacturer

Complete Customised Uniform Solution

At United Corp., we offer a complete customised solution, where we take care of everything from designing to manufacturing and personalised delivery


All our uniforms are designed and made with utmost care, keeping in mind the ergonomics and practicality of the design so that it helps you do what you do the best, where it matters the most.

Fabric that lasts

At United Corp., we understand the extreme conditions that the fabrics are subjected to when it comes to dealing with stains in the health-care industry. Therefore the fabrics at United Corp. are chosen with keeping in mind its end usage, such that they will last longer without significantly adding up to its cost.

Uniforms that work

We assist our clients in every step of the process and offer a complete customised solution, right from fibre to fabric. We take into consideration the doctors and the patients needs and incorporate that in providing a design and fit based on its end application.

All solutions are created in close collaboration with the client, starting by diving into colour schemes, brand guidelines and key requirements, and transform these into patterns and specifications. 

Make it yours.

Uniforms are an extension of your educational institute and its culture – and help create a sense of belonging. 

A uniform should be consistent with your institutions' DNA and match:

  • Institution and brand position

  • Style guidelines

  • Values

With all this into consideration, we design and manufacture uniforms that are truly yours and incorporate your brand ​logo and graphics onto your uniforms.


Our personalised webstore allows you to order uniforms directly from your phone or computer, from any part of the world, 24x7.

Our webstore gives an option to your healthcare facility by providing everything at one place, which includes caps, masks, bedsheets, and all other linen required in hospital for the convenience.

Uniforms at your doorstep

Through our platform, you can either opt for getting all the uniforms delivered at once at your warehouse or let us take care of the inventory and supply chain part and get the uniforms delivered individually.

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